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A Personal History-How Much Does It Cost?

“You get what you pay for” is a very common saying. However, closely related to that should be “did you get what you wanted?” So it occurred to me that one of the more ticklish questions that a client wishes to put to me and and has great difficulty in tackling is; “how much does it cost”? For the professional historian each project is different, because every client is different. Some would like to record their life history on audio and have a good idea of which parts of their life they wish to relate. Another may require a video recording session which will include many photographs which will have to be scanned and retouched to be included in the final product, a professionally produced DVD. Some in addition will request an appropriate musical background to delight their family and friends.
As with any profession, the personal historian has to bring many skills to meet the clients’ needs. As with an accountant, attorney, physician or certified tradesman these skills are not acquired overnight but require costly training and investment not only in the tools of their trade but in the gaining of experience. These factors bring true value to the client. There are always those willing to cut corners in order to cut costs but they usually result in general unhappiness in the end. So our advice is when considering having a professionally produced personal history to be clear on three things:

1)  How long do you intend to take in telling your story?

2) What type of production are you looking for-audio, audiovisual, with or without music, how many photographs are to be included?

3) Most important, decide on an appropriate budget you can afford.

We at Heritagevideo are happy to discuss such financial matters and will give you a written proposal based on your budget and the high standards we wish to maintain. In the meantime we have provided some sample costings for your perusal. Don’t forget it’s your money -spend it wisely!

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